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Courtesy Advancial Check Clear Statement Disclosure 

Overdrafts may be created by check, ATM or debit card, in-person withdrawal, transfer, or other electronic means. A $25 insufficient funds (NSF) fee will be charged to your account when you have insufficient funds, maximum two per day. Overdrafts will not be paid on ATM and everyday check card transactions unless you ask us to. Advancial Check Clear balances are due and payable upon demand.  All Account owners are jointly and individually responsible for all Account overdrafts in accordance with the terms of the Membership and Account Agreement. We will generally pay overdrafts up to the limit previously disclosed to you. Advancial reserves the right to adjust the overdraft limits and fees for this service at any time subject to notice required by applicable law. Advancial may also suspend or revoke the Advancial Check Clear service on your Account any time without notice. This is normally done only when something has happened that reasonably causes Advancial to believe that it will not be able to collect overdrafts owing on your Account. 


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